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A catholic youth ministry aimed at making God known, loved and served through singing and drawing.

The Infinite Singers are a catholic youth ministry aimed at making God Known, loved, and served through singing and drawing fellow young people into a deeper relationship with God and the Church.

Who we are..

The youth are the church of tomorrow, nurturing them in faith values. Ensure joyful Christians of tomorrow. If you love supporting a youth music ministry, offer a prayer and blessing to this ministry or donate a Musical Instrument(s) through the email: theinfinitesingers@gmail.com

Let the word of the Lord dwell in you richly. Singing Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual songs. (Colossians 3:16) Singing is an integral part of any liturgical celebration. Hence, celebrating the liturgy and singing is not to be regarded as an embellishment superimposed on prayer; rather, it wells up from the depths of a soul intent on prayer and the praise of God and reveals in a full and complete way the community nature of Christian worship. (General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours, 270).

Our team
at Laudato Response Youth Initiative

Reading signs of the time and the need to respond inspired by Faith, Service & the Common Good define our zeal and passion for sparing some time to offer service and inspire teams to care for creation. Thanks to God and volunteers who spare time in ministries, schools, parishes, cities, and communities to be part of this initiative. We are pleased to introduce you to members of our mentorship team. We hope these brief intros provide a snapshot of the heart and devotion behind our mission!

Fr. Apire Berry, CSC

Mentor Infinite Laudato Si Response Initiative

Br. Adolf Mugume

Mentor Infinite Laudato Si Response Initiative

Ms. Tumuhaise Jenipher

Mbarara Region mentor

Mr. Ljonai Emmanuel

Eastern Region mentor