About Us

About Us

House of Seafood is one of Uganda’s largest suppliers of quality seafood from around the globe. We boast the largest selection of seafood, from squid to crab, octopus to snapper.

We obtain the majority of our produce from our very own East African coast, thus supporting local fishermen and the East African Community at large. But what we can’t get locally, we source from the world’s leading suppliers from as far as Norway, Scotland and even Alaska, ensuring you get the best. All our seafood is frozen fresh within hours of being caught and sanitarily packed for your safety. We’re passionate about supplying our customers with top quality fish & Seafood and outstanding service which is why we are the first choice of most chefs and businesses in Uganda.

We’ve believe in helping you get the very best that the World’s Oceans have to offer.

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We ensure that you get the most delicious seafood at affordable prices. Our seafood is stored fresh, maintaining its natural goodness and flavour as nature intended, while also ensuring your maximum safety.

House of Seafood begun in 1987 as Bahari Foods, the brainchild of our founder Mary Aman. Initially started as a small home based business, the company realised major growth and thus took the step of rebranding to House of Seafood and stamping our name in the industry. House of Seafood grew organically to become one of Uganda’s largest independent seafood suppliers.

The combination of quality and Uganda’s largest range of fresh, frozen and chilled seafood products enables us to offer first class local service to thousands of chefs, individuals and establishments nationwide – whatever the requirement.

House of Seafood is a business that is oriented to provide you with the best products that nature allows. We process and manage our products with the highest standards in the industry.

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